Rules and Guidelines

Artwork Minting

  • The price for each artwork will be 0.25 eth.
  • All the artworks will be minted by NamasteyNFT through a custom smart contract and will be visible on open Ethereum platforms (e.g. Opensea).
  • For every primary sale, the split will be 80:20.
  • 80% will be transferred to the artist and 20% will be transferred to the NamasteyNFT fund, which will be further utilised in supporting new and upcoming artists.
  • Entire 10% royalty from the secondary sales will belong to the artist.
  • Copyright will always remain with the artist.
  • If the artist is submitting collaborative work they can mention that in the description of the artwork. The responsibility of the collaboration will lie on the primary artist, who submits the work.
  • NamasteyNFT will reach out to selected 300 artists for the final confirmation and validation.